Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some people!

Sometimes I forget that not everybody has worked as hard as I have at being unencumbered by needless worrying. We haven't all spent years perfecting the 2nd child-don't give a crap-they will be stronger for it-can't I just go back to sleep now attitude. Then I talk to somebody that's all UPTIGHT about things and I'm reminded of how sorry I feel for those over protective parents.

Like today, for example. I was on the phone with Mean Sister. She had given up on wondering when I would turn up to return her child and finally called to inquire. I let her know that I hadn't really narrowed that down yet. Sometime between 10am and 10pm, not sure exactly, but DEFINITELY she would have her daughter back before tomorrow.

I think I mentioned that the kids were all playing outside and I think she maaaayyy have asked what they were doing out there....this is where it gets awkward....I, in my very honest nature, did not lie to her, even though I recognized that she MIGHT have a small problem with what I was about to disclose. They were just having a great time playing with the giant tree pruners. Loppers, I think they're called. They were just lopping away at some branches. Pruning like little miniature gardeners. It was adorable.

She made me take away their toy. She was all I would appreciate if you did not let them play with the loppers while my child is there please. But, it was clear that she was screaming on the inside ARE YOU INSANE??? WHY, OH WHY, DO I EVER LET MY DAUGHTER GO TO YOUR HOME??? IT'S AS IF I DON'T EVEN LOVE HER ENOUGH TO PROTECT HER FROM YOU!!!

Like I said, some people are so uptight. How will these children ever learn to not cut off their fingers if we never give them a chance? It's not like she's a baby. She's TWO after all. ALMOST three. Pssshh. Luckily she has me to keep her tough.


jlcumber said...

Wow!!!! :) that is lovely and don't worry, I will totally let her go to your house again. She loves it there.

Sam said...

You two are great. So fun that they have that experience. :)


Geez, Jenny, lighten up already. It's not as if they were all out there chopping firewood naked or anything.

jlcumber said...

Chopping firewood in the snow naked OR jumping on the trampoline. :)