Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesdays with Ashlynn or The Why Chronicles

My AshAsh is spending the night tonight. I offered to bring have her over so that her one-week-post-pardum mommy (and daddy) could have the night off...and just because it's fun for us. It was all going beautifully until we had been here for, oh, about 2 minutes.

Two things happen when Ash and I walk in my front door. First, Ash runs to my back door and goes on to the deck. Everytime. I don't know why. Just wants to play outside when she's here. Second, I run to the bathroom. I drink alot of water and have a problem using public restrooms.

Today, as she ran out the back door and I got ready to use the potty, she screamed, Morgan screamed for me, and I waddled as fast as I could to the back door while trying to pull my pants back up. I found my sweet niece at the bottom of the stairs, face first on the concrete step. Ouchy. Ugly knot on her forehead, but that's the worst of it. I did get a kick out of updating my FaceBook status to "IF your 2 year old niece were to fall down your deck stairs and land face first on the concrete, would you tell her one-week-post-partum mother or just let her read it on FB? Just wondering." That's good stuff. She was hoping it was a joke. Nope. Real.

After a quick recovery I started helping Morgan with the cleaning of the guinea pig cage. Ash was pretty curious about that whole process.

What are you doing?

Cleaning the guinea pig's cage.


To get the poop out.


Because she poops in it.


Because she has nowhere else to poop.


Because they don't make tiny little toilets for guinea pig cages.

Oh. Well...I have one. You can have it for your guinea pig.

You have a tiny little toilet for her cage?


Okay then.

I think I'll send the guinea pig over to Jenny's house to get potty trained. Sounds like Ash has all the necessary tools for that job.


jlcumber said...

Awesome. That made me first cry and then laugh. You know she doesn't call that thing a guinea pig right...it is a baby chipmunk. :)

Kiss her for us. We are crazy right now and think it is a little too quiet. Thanks again for taking her though. :) I am SURE we will get over that soon.

Jan said...

I'm not sure if I'm laughing or crying or laughing so hard I'm crying. It's been a rough day and this was good relief. Thanks.