Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I said cheese PIZZA

We had SO many errands to run last night that we knew there was no way that dinner was going to get done at home. Don't get me wrong, I had time to make a huge batch of amazing cinnamon rolls, but dinner? Not so much.

We were debating where to grab something to eat when I remembered that we were almost out of gas AND that Costco has those huge pizzas for under $10.

Chris left us all in the car and ran in. He asked me what he should get and I told him that he should grab four of their hot dogs to cut in half and then one of their cheese pizzas.

When he came back to the car he handed me four hot dog, four sodas, and a block of cheese.

I didn't react well. I screamed something about I SAID CHEESE PIZZA, this is just CHEESE. He got quite a kick out of that. He was all I'm not a complete idiot. I had to buy something to get cash back to PAY for the pizza because they don't take debit cards at the cafe and I knew that we needed cheese, so that's what I got. I cannot BELIEVE you thought that I went in for dinner and came out with four hot dogs and a block of cheese. THAT is funny.

Then he requested that I blog about my own stupidity. There you go.


Lars said...

Yeah, I'm totally with you. My reaction would be similar. When I'm hungry I'm not rational. Oh boy, that will probably remind my Ll about when I went ballistic at a McDs when I was hungry and pregnant, with twins...well not in the restaurant but in the car...if it didn't, I just did.

You, both of you, are hilarious!

jlcumber said...

NO!!! :) I am so happy you didn't chuck the cheese at him!!!

Thayer & Associates said...

Chuck the cheese! Chuck the cheese! Chuck the cheese!

Sam said...

Then Aim would be Chucky Cheese. Sorry, it had to be said.