Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday Flashback

I don't miss having a job very often. Sometimes I miss the not so secret admirers. JennyPenny and I had some great times during our single days working at the bank.

I found this picture from my manager days at the Headquarters of Keep Portland Weird 39th and Salmon branch. That was the best place to work. The proximity to a home for mentally disturbed people kept things exciting. So did waking up Jose in our bushes every morning so he didn't scare any customers. He had to move his hang over nap some where else during business hours. One day Jose wasn't there and we never knew what happened to him. Jose, are you out there?

Then there was the really really really unbalanced lady who screamed at me, with her spitting speech impediment, that she would "get me", because we couldn't cash her check. I really believe that she wanted to kill me. She was real mad. Even in the face of danger it was hard not to laugh, and I don't blame my employees for doing so. Something about a 75 year old lady screaming at me You piece of S!%, I'll get you, I'll get you AMY BERG, I'll get you, you piece of ... was funny. Poor woman. I hope she got her Social Security checks all worked out. And I hope she's not still plotting my death.


Sam said...

That is too funny. You wouldn't think of banking as too dangerous of an industry. Unless you are getting robbed and stuff. Once at the Sheriff's Department, this woman broke in to her ex's house and took some crap and left a nasty letter. Ex husband brought it into us for evidence. The clerical deputy and I were reading it and laughing hysterically when the ex-wife (author) appeared at our service door. (Yep. The half door that you can use as a service counter.) She was less than amused. I was highly amused.

jlcumber said...

OH MY GOSH! I freaking love it. I love it as much as Amy's stories from the Medical files room.