Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photo Commentary

Instead of posting some of the 542 pictures I've taken this week, I'd like to direct my limited energy and time toward making fun of this photo.

1. This is Richard's 2nd birthday. Richards birthday is in October. At the END of October. Jenny is in a swimsuit. The only question in my mind is this: Did Jenny put that swimsuit on that morning, or had she been wearing it since August? Or maybe June.

2. Look at Becky's expression. She's such a sweet warm fuzzy, isn't she?

3. Leanna. Wearing a dress. Looking fruity. And the birthday boy, just looks like a boy.Now I would like you to look at me. Sitting there nicely, smiling sweetly for the camera. Normal. Cleanish. I'm an angel. You're welcome, Mom.


Sam said...

This is pure McCumber kid gold. Good stuff. :)

jlcumber said...

you suck. :) I did laugh and share with a co-worker...but you suck. :)