Monday, October 27, 2008

What do we have for Dick's Party?

What do we have for Dick's party? We have ice cream!

It wouldn't be baby brother's birthday without singing "Dick's Party" from the record he had as a child. I bet we haven't missed singing that song to you in 30 years, huh? Here's my photo tribute to Richard on his 30th. By the way, Jenny's post to you says "have a nice trip". If you are going somewhere and you haven't told me I hope it's far away, for your sake, because I am going to kick you in the t'aint so hard that you'll wish it was that tick you had, instead of my foot. You will look like this:Except WAY WORSE. I've gotten over you NEVER EVER calling or coming over, but if you're having a major life change and not keeping me in the loop you're dead to me.

Here's how I picture you in my head. Clearly not old enough to dial a phone, so I usually figure that's why you don't call. Adorable little orphan child, aren't you. Your face is almost as dirty as one of my children. Almost. I love that kid. Because he would call me if he could.

Here you are at Sears Portrait Studio in Washington Square Mall. This was right before Mom let me take you downstairs to the toystore and you ran into a metal shelf and your eye was gushing blood and we were all alone and I panicked and left you with the store employees while I ran and got Mom. She wasn't happy about me leaving you there. I was just so worried about my sweet sweet baby brother who still talked to me then, I think I remember you saying, "Thank you for taking such good care of my eye. I will always, always, call you, even when I'm really old, like 30." I believed you.
Here you are in our family photo. You were the only decent looking one in the whole thing.
No, really...Here, look at your sisters. AHHH, I just scared myself a little. That boy in the upper right is me. The boy on the left is Becky. that boy in the middle is Leanna. Jenny's the only girl looking one. Weird.
Ahhh, Roll on Crimson Tide!
Me and my brother (the one who loved me and loved to hang out with me and would have called me, except he didn't have to because we lived together) at Chuck E Cheese.
Look at you all dressed up and ready for church, with your older brother Amy behind you. Always behind you, supporting you, there for you, calling you.
This one reminds me of you saying "Jennifer Cotner's dad said I could have any car in their front yard for 200 bucks." That still makes me laugh. It was when I drove you around and bought you things at Nike with my employee discount and you cried at Hank's because the lady wouldn't let you cash your check from Mrs Dennis to get some candy and I'm pretty sure I ended up buying it for you and I'm pretty sure you said "Thanks, Sissy. I love you SO MUCH. I will always be your little buddy and call you any time I have big news." Yup, pretty sure that's what you said.
Look at that, my baby brother kissing me after I drove 5 hours to be at his graduation. Later that night it was one of our cousins that I was making out with, but let's not go there right now.You and me and Andy after I drove 6 hours to be at your graduation.You and Grandma and Andy after I drove 7 hours to be at your graduation.
You and mom and dad after I drove all day to be at your graduation.
Here you are putting in sod for me so that you could make money, even though I could have done it for myself for free. I'm always there for you. My gosh, I'm awesome. Happy Birthday, brother!


jlcumber said...

DANG...mine just sucked! I want to redo it now. Nice one Aims!

Jan said...

Gee, Amy, sorry he didn't tell you that he went mountain climbing - somewhere far away.

Amy said...

I don't care where he went, the point is that he never calls or visits and when I happen to see him at your house he leaves after 10 minutes. Besides, Mom, I'm just giving him crap. I'm sure he gets it.