Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life is good and I still don't have a camera, but I have a laptop with a camera

Sarah Palin was all that I could hope for and more. Not only that, but Joe Biden wasn't scary at all. I've never seen such a pleasant couple of debaters.

AND I got to visit my sweet, sweet Brandie and get my hair fixed. It was sad that she couldn't totally fix the color after all that I've done to it in her absence, but it feels so much better. It's a lot darker than it looks in these pictures and Chris isn't happy about how short it is. Hey, if I hadn't done so much home coloring, she wouldn't have needed to cut so much off.

By the way, if you look over my shoulder you can see two interesting things. One is my pig collection. My pig collection that was recently unearthed from it's 8 year exile to a box. It's not in my room because I want it to be there. It's in my room to protect in from small children. It should probably stay in the box. For lots of reasons. The second thing you can see is the top of my open suitcase that still hasn't been unpacked. It only recently got moved upstairs. It was sitting right in the front entry way, wide open, until Tuesdee. Maybe I'll take care of that tomorrow.


Lars said...

So the second one is the Edward/ Bella thing?

Cute hair!

Sam said...

I don't see pigs or suitcases? Were we supposed to? LOVE the hair. Key...youut! Tuesdee. Sounds like grammy Hilda. That picture Leanna posted is now my wallpaper at work. Love that chick, she's so funny.