Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some things you should know

Chris hates it when the kids wave at other drivers. Especially when they're sitting in the back of Red Wagon facing backward. You might think he's concerned about distracting the other drivers on the road. He is not. It's purely stranger danger. Don't wave at people you don't know. It's as if a big momma bear is in the other car and his sole purpose in life is to protect the children from harm. I like when they wave at people. It means they're not screaming demands at me or fighting with each other.

Another thing, I can't hear the demands being screamed from that way back seat in the wagon. I thought that would be a blessing. It is a curse. MoMo needs constant verbal interaction. Not a nod or a mumble. She must have a full verbal response indicating that you did, in fact, hear her and are acknowledging her. Telling her that you can't hear what she's saying and she'll have to wait until you get home is not an option that she's willing to live with. A piece of her dies every moment in time that she isn't actively engaged in conversation. She has a lot of words. She needs to use them all. All the time.

These are some of the reasons that I'm glad the minivan is fixed now. Jenny drove it while we were gone and called it a "huge hunk of crap". I'm glad it didn't hear her, that wasn't very nice. Now just the interior is a hunk of crap and fries and nuggets and sippy cups and garbage.

One final thought: Vee is trying to wink nowadays. She gets her right eye about half way closed. It's cute, but then her eye gets stuck. She walks around for most of the day with one eye half open, like Popeye. This is how she looks at people lately. Like she has suffered from a rare baby stroke. It's sad. I googled it and I do not like it. (sorry, SNL line, it's stuck in my head).


Sam said...

Sorry to the Berg side of the genetics, but that is soooo McCumber. I swear, I have seen that squinky eye in alot of our family pictures. She's too stinking cute!!!!

jlcumber said...

Oh The Vee! I love her. :) I have witnessed the Morgan talking thing many many times and good thing Vee is still so stinking cute.
Tell Chris that Grandma McCrae would be very disappointed in him...waves are hugs for truckers!