Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bounty of the Bergs

I decided that the chickens might prefer to stay dry. I figured that putting a tarp over their roof might improve the poor bird's chances of not getting rained on. While I was at it I found these little babies: Our first eggs! Since then we have had one each afternoon. Chris and I were so excited that we stood in the hen house and watched one for way too long while it tried to pop one out. It was gross. Gross but intriguing. Their little tail feathers really clench in and out when their trying to lay those little suckers.
Grant cried and cried when I told him that there is no baby chick chick in those eggs. That there will never be any baby chick chicks in any of our eggs. I had no idea that my boy has just been waiting for those chickens to lay eggs so that he would have baby chicks. I felt a little sad, but not sad enough to change it.
I've been trying to figure out at what point that one egg each day is going to start covering the cost of all of their food. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need more than one egg a day to make this venture profitable.