Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Which Came First...That Chicken or that Other Chicken?

Halloween 2004. The black cat, the Old Navy chicken, and the incredibly awesome, made by me, scarecrow.

Halloween 2008. Baby Plankton the Reluctant Chicken. That's fine, don't smile for the camera, I'm still putting it on my blog, you little plankton.

Just take the costume right off and walk around in a onesie and orange pants, that's fine too, you just look like a poor little fifth child. Oh, good, a cookie, you can make sure your face is nice and messy for any pictures that you decide to smile for.

Awww, look how sweet she is when she smiles. This was after she made the rounds once and we told her we would take her candy away if she didn't smile. The child does nothing without manipulating or being manipulated.

OH! painful smile. 2004

And, painful smile 2008.

Back to the original chicken. Look at how much more hair she had than VeeVee. She was 2 weeks younger in this picture, but her hair was way longer.

And, you know what? She never refused to smile. She was one of those kids that smiled whenever they saw a camera from the time she was 3 months old.
These ones are not Halloween pictures. These are just to show Mo's love for dressing up starting at a very young age. Dressing up and spinning around and around and around. And asking questions with every waking breath. And our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That would be Mo's favorites list if she had a blog.


Thayer & Associates said...

I see London I see Frans I see MoMos under pants. That was a good one Amy I am happy your bake.

jlcumber said...

All the reasons I love MoMo and Baby Plankton!!! These are great pictures!

Jan said...

Welcome back.