Monday, November 10, 2008

How, oh How, did I miss this one?

Did you notice that Mo is the primary offender in the creative clothing department? Here she is in our family picture on Grant's blessing day. Sporting her pink snow boots, y'all. Always the trendsetter, that one. I think it bugs Becky because she feels threatened by Mo's awesomeness. She knows she could never have the edgy fashion sense that my daughter was born with.

Here's the stuff I cropped out. Yeah, I'm huge. My baby was a week old, after all. My excuse for weighing that much again today? I've got nothing. Lots and lots of ice cream before bed is my only explanation.


jlcumber said...

You are NOT that big right now!!! Shutty!

Sam said...

What ev. Your huge is my skinny day. Getouttahere!