Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day Menu

I never did call and make my offerings for Thanksgiving dinner. Nobody ever called me either.

Yesterday I started thinking that maybe we should get that all figured out. Being that it was the day before Thanksgiving and all. Then I got an email from Mom listing what she was providing and suggesting that we bring anything that we thought was missing from the list.
The list was everything. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pies, sides, finger food, beverages, rolls, everything.

Leanna speculated that perhaps Mom was angry that we hadn't planned. Maybe in her anger she decided to just get everything herself in hopes that we'd feel guilty. While that is possible, I'm not going down the road of guilt. I'm thinking that Mom, being the anti-decision maker that she is, didn't want to worry about dividing up all of the responsibilities, so she just took care of it. That's what I believe. Mom, don't tell me if Leanna's theory was right, I like mine better.

Instead of contributing in any REAL way, I decided to bring lots of snacks. Thanks to a friend blogging about her AMAZING annual tradition and how much it means to her TEN children, I felt a Mom of the Year moment coming on and decided to follow her Chex Mix lead. I spent hours trying to make Chex mix after reading that lovely, warm, blog post of hers. My Chex mix sucks. It's not even Chex MIX. It's just Chex and pretzels cooked with the seasonings. I couldn't find any bagel chips or little snacky type things, so it's just Chex and pretzels and the flavoring isn't even really evenly distributed, so one bite is all Worcestershire and the next bite is all cereal.

I also kept the oldest two up after midnight helping me make almond rocha and fake snickers. Those things did turn out ok, so we've got that going for us.

Here's what my children do with the camera when they eat too much pumpkin pie and candy and stay up way to late...

I refuse to post the picture of what I looked like trying to jump off of the couch. Gravity is just so cruel. My face and my upper arms stayed right where they were while the rest of my body elevated a good six inches into the air. It was ugly.




jlcumber said...

And was Kenzie going to catch you????

Sam said...

Kenzie is sooo cute. "C'mon, Mommy, it's ok, I'll catch you!!!"