Sunday, November 16, 2008


JenniferLynn Photography did more great pictures of our family on Friday. She came out and put up with tired kids and waited while I threw together some clothes for everyone that didn't look horrible together.

To tied you over until you see the amazingness of my family on "film" I now bring you the outtakes.

Here we are getting set for our first shot. I think maybe Kai is running after one of the garbage bags that blew away. Chris is trying to get into a seated position. Kiki is freezing, as usual. Super turd is trying to look at my boobs. Wait, where's Vee? Maybe Kaikai was running to get the Vee. I'm desperately trying to make my shirt not so tight on my jelly roll. Now look at Mo. She cracks me up. We could take ten hundred pictures in a row and she would be smiling perfectly in every one of them. She's practically a super model, but without that annoying coke habit.To break up the scream crying episodes I told everyone to grab some leaves and throw them in the air. I didn't realize that they had already started decomposing and we would all end up covered in compost. It was real gross, I totally should have showered after that one. Have I mentioned that Chris has announced that he does NOT agree with my theory that wearing makeup only on date nights makes it more special? He claims that everyday is special and making some effort wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Whatever.

I also didn't realize that Kiki and my hot husband had conspired to freeze their most obnoxious smiles (and that's saying a lot). Check them out. They barely move in every frame. By the way, that's another great think about the photographer, she shoots a million pictures in succession so as to increase the chances of one coming out without one of my progeny picking their nose, such as therefore.


jlcumber said...

AWESOME! So fun! :) Thanks for posting this. I wouldn't have been able to on the photo blog. :)

SO: I had 4 different families again this weekend. You Friday, Leanna's on Saturday. The Hogue Family and the Vance Family on Sunday, so I am working hard to get them done, but it might be just over a week. I know I KNOW! You are most important! :)