Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Five things I'm thankful for

We had our turkey here today. Tomorrow we go to my parents. Friday we go to his mom's house. While I was hiding from my children in my bedroom my oldest came up with this idea to surprise me: She recruited the second one and they made a body outline of each kid and wrote the things that that child is thankful for around them. How awesome is that?

They "presented" their artwork while we finished eating dinner. As you can tell by Vee's severely handicapped picture, she wouldn't hold still for them. I do believe that they could have done a less warped version, but who am I to criticize art.


Todd said...

If your youngest ever turns up missing, I have her.

Jan said...

That is so special. I loved it when you did these things as I know you do.

And I know Todd's address. I will hunt him down.