Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Sisters:

I bet your babies can't do this! Especially that little one, Emery, she can't even sit up. You might want to have that checked out.


Thayer & Associates said...

Amy. She is 2. Im sorry but she's not a little baby any more. She's more of a toddler now. Its ok for you to see her for who she is. A toddler. Not a little baby.
Love Leanna

jlcumber said...

I love it. So cute. Ashlynn wanted to watch it "more, more, MORE!". The fact that your widdle baby looked a little Um "slow" at the end of the video cracked me up.
Love you Vee Vee

Sam said...

I LOVE THIS! She's so funny. My kids were re-enacting it at dinner last night. Hmmmmm...AHA!