Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adventures in Fondant

I have this friend who makes cakes. She has a website Prettycoolcakes.com. Her cakes are way more than "pretty cool". They're amazing. For real. Click the link. Click it! See, amazing.

This gal asked if I'd like a lesson in how to make the amazing Christmas cookies that she had shown me. She even offered to come do it at my house. I was so very excited. Excited and nervous, since I didn't believe that I'd be able to make anything presentable.

She proved me wrong. After many hours, with her three little children trying to stay patient, of painstakingly putting up with my lack of attention to detail, I had all the skills to make cookies so cute that it made me want to cry.

As I finished my little Mr and Mrs Clause, I lovingly stroked their round cheeks and told them that I loved them more than any of my children and that the fact that they tasted delicious made them even better still.

Here are our creations...

**Sigh**....my babies.... Kenzie decided she wanted to take some to school so I whipped up a bunch more. Here are some of those...With my new found knowledge of all things fondant I decided to go ahead and make VeeVee's birthday cake. Here's how that conversation went...
Avery, how old are you?


You're 2, honey, you're two years old. How old will you be on your birthday?

Chocolate chip.

Ugh. What do you want your birthday cake to look like?


Giraffe? Okay. No problem. Here's what I found on the internets and I used as my pattern. Easy schmeezy.

And, here is what I ended up with...

Striking resemblance, no?

Nobody was quite sure what to say.

Or what it was.

It ended up with the nickname Cowmel (is it a cow? is it a camel? no, it's a cowmel). The saddest part is that you can't even see the bad parts in these pictures. I purposely angled the cowmel to capture his BEST side. It's true. Stop laughing at my cake. I love him. Okay, I don't really, but I do feel like he was a learning experience and he tasted really good.

Next time I'll stick with cookies.


Rebecca said...

Amy, it looks good for your first try with cake (and no instruction on cake - cookies are different) So, good job, and I'll have to show you some cake tricks, so you can LOVE your next one instead of feeling sorry for it... ;) Poor Cowmel... I like that. :)