Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas "Eve"

We headed out to my parent's house for our Christmas Eve with the family. I put Kenzie in charge of the camera and here is what I saw when I checked her progress...

She was sent to the car to bring in some forgotten items. She documented every step.

Her struggle with the door lock.
Her success with the door lock.

Her retrieval of the forgotten items.

I have no idea.

The forgotten onion and raisins.

Shutting the door. Her and KaiKai
KaiKaia loooovvveesss presents?

Kenzie loves presents
VeeVee and Kenzie

Kenzie and Mommy

Kenzie and her aunt Jenny

Mom's favorite socialization method


And, finally, Kenzie and grandma together.


Lars said...

She's going to want her "rear view" photo one day...say after she's become a mom. And the photo of the two of you is beautiful. So I wouldn't take the camera away from her permanently, just yet. Plus she got everyone's faces in the photos...except that one.