Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Shall Name Her Amy

Chris: Hey, babe, are you gonna get in the bath? hour later... Amy? Were you taking a bath tonight?

... a half hour later... I thought you wanted to take a bath?

Kenzie: WHAT is UP with you wanting mom to take a bath so bad? What is your DEAL???

Chris: Well, Mackenzie...your mother is a beautiful women and there's something that you need to understand...

Kenzie: Ew! You're DISGUSTING!

Chris: No, no, no...hear me out. Your mother is a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman, who at this moment, looks like she's recently been birthed. Not like she's recently given birth. But like she's recently been squeezed through the birthing canal and is still covered with that greazzzzy coating of stuff. Even her hair resembles a freshly birthed infant, not yet cleaned up.

He was so right. I laughed until I cried..really how amazingly spot-on his comparison was.

In my defense, I am SO stressed out about making this cake right now. I have nothing else, even my own hygiene, anywhere near my radar. Cake is my life. Cake is my universe.

Come to think of it, it's kinda funny that the cake is for a baby SHOWER. Hahaha! I make me laugh. My kids make me laugh more though. Grant keeps asking when I'm gonna be done with the cake for Jenny's baby washing. Took me a while to figure out that he meant Baby Shower. I love how their little brains work!


jlcumber said...

Quote from Marlo:I'm thinking of passing on eating the cake now that I know how dirty the cook is :)

HAHHHAAA!! I will MAKE HER EAT IT! Thanks for working so hard. Remember to shower and that it is supposed to be fun!

Sam said...

That is sooo funny. Have fun washing Jenny's baby. Such a nice sissy. :)

Jan said...

You are all histerical.

Smith Files said... love your sister WAY to much if it's keeping you from taking a shower!

Chris telling you to take a shower or bath is one thing, but when the littles tell you...then you know it's really bad!