Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morgie's Birthday or Adventures in Fondant part 2

Morgan's birthday came along and I realized that we had no plans and no school, so I got Leanna to bring her kids up for the day. We baked them cupcakes and let them decorate them.

There must be something on the TV...

KaiKai and my 5th daughter/neighbor had a cupcake eating contest. It was hard to watch.
The Komps couldn't make it over for the day, so they came later and celebrated with us and my second attempt at a cake.

It was better than the Cowmel, but still baby stepping
Here's Morgan with her cake, talking to Grandma McCumber on the phone...
Ashlynn and Avery waiting for cake after they put on some dress ups and "did their hair". I think it was water. I hope it was water.
Morgan blowing out the only candle I could round up. Sorry, little nugget, at least you got candles on the cake we had at Grandma's house!


heather said...

That cake is awesome especially the votive candle! I wanna learn how to do foundant. Your next post should be all about making foundant so we can all do cowmel cakes for our kids! And I'm serious!

Rebecca said...

Your cake looks cute! I like the flowers and colors. :)