Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's talk more about ME

Many years ago, the Prophet sat aside Monday nights as Family Home Evening. The one night each week that we've been asked to set aside to spend with our families. We generally have an opening song, prayer, lesson, game, prayer again, and desert. Sometimes, if time is short or we're just plain unprepared, we'll just gather around the table, eat some ice cream, and talk about a scripture or experiences that help us learn more about Heavenly Father.

I love Family Home Evening. I love that it's something we've been instructed to do. Otherwise, it would SO not get done. As it is, we have FHE almost every week. We don't answer the phone, nobody has other engagements, no play-dates, just us.

Tonight, Chris read us the parables of the Ten Virgins and of the Talents. The kids paid attention, they added input. It was great. Then he went around the room and had each child share one of their talents and how they can share that talent with others. Here's what they shared...

Kenzie is an actress (said dramatically while throwing her arms in the air) and she is able to get to know how different people view life and appreciates her own life more because of the characters she portrays. She also gets to touch people's lives.

Kaila is a singer. Songs can be a form of worship and sharing a Gospel message with others and just generally touching people's hearts.

Morgan had good manners. Through using her good manners she has made more friends and people like her.

Grant is a builder. He said that maybe someday he could build a house for a man who doesn't have anywhere to live. Why does he have to make mommy cry?

Avery is a dancer. Then she danced and shook her little bum off while we all laughed and we realized that her talent makes us all happy. It's really quite awesome to watch, too.

When it was my turn I took a second to think and before I could answer my kids had thrown in GREAT thoughts about what my talents are. I had no idea that they thought that I'm a great baker, or a great writer, or anything else. That was the best part of the lesson for me. Very sweet.

Chris said that through his sense of humor he has been able to make people comfortable and make friends. He has been able to share the gospel and be a good example of our beliefs.


Thayer & Associates said...

Love it.

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Jan said...

I love all your many talents and that you can recognize and share them.

Sam said...

You're such a lovely and inspiring family. Love you soo!!!