Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chris's Contribution

After Kenzie got done with her attempt at being relieved of every taking photos again, Chris took a turn. Here is his big contribution to the only photographic record of Christmas Eve 2009...
He lovingly showed Jenny the shot and said "Look. You're showing." I'm sure she appreciated that.
You know what I do NOT appreciate? The size of that belly. Too small. Way too small.
Chris and I talked about it later, and agreed that Jenny looks amazing. Her face is only swollen enough to give her perfect lips and the rest of her is still not big at all. I hate her for that. If I had time I would put this next to one of my horrible pregnancy pictures, but I don't. Maybe tomorrow.


jlcumber said...

Thanks a lot...but thanks for the compliment for sure. Sure don't feel small!!!