Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter y'all!

First, an amusing story about our Easter: Just before we all got ready to head home I heard scream laughing from the living room. I've been told that Great Grandma was sitting on the couch happily crunching away on a bag of chips or something that my sweet baby had brought to her. Eventually someone looked over and noticed that the bag of chips was really a bag of cat food and saved the two from the snack that they were enjoying together. Poor GG, she never knew the difference, and all the laughter was accompanied by cringing and gagging, but it was pretty funny, too.

Most of these pictures are boring and self explanatory, but a few do require captions.

This is the first thing I did when I walked in, took a picture of Grammie sleeping. She likes her naps.
Then I took a picture of Chris eating a chicken wing. He requested that every picture of him on Easter be of him eating a chicken wing.

This one shows my excitement of his chicken wing picture idea.




Jenny's green thumb from eggs

avery was SO excited

Kenzie refused to put that lamb down all day

miss Mo

The dang lamb

the eggs on the right side are all from our chickens and were brown. When we ran out of white eggs we decided to try the brown ones and I think they turned out really cool.

The hunting pictures...

Papa and some of the grandkids...