Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just for Funs

I felt like scanning some of my favorite pictures of Chris and I when we were first I did.

This first one is double exposed and not clear of either of us and I have skank nails and big hair and my eyes are closed, but I love it anyway. I love it because we were just barely dating and we had gone to his apartment on our lunch break to see his mom who was visiting and watching baby KaiKai. I love seeing that hot young man in his adorable work clothes, with the really small butt. It makes me feel giddy and lovey just looking at it. I told him how I felt just now and he said he said that he loved those lunch breaks with the 2 hour naps. I reminded him that I never once did that. At all. Then he reminded me that I was an hourly employing and it was poor planning on my part because if I was salaried I would have been taking 2 hour naps as well. I still think he's hot.This one was around the same time. In fact, it was from the same roll of film. Roll of film. That's weird. His mom took this one also and it gives me the same butterflies in my tummy. SO HOT, especially in blue, especially because he was such an adorable dad. Look at him, I can tell that he wants to make out with me. Pretty sure I won't stop him.Our first family was kind of like our engagement picture. It was impromptu and we just grabbed what we thought would match ok. Best family picture we've ever had. Except the ones Jenny takes, of course, but not bad for auto timer.
On our way to our wedding rehearsal dinner. Why do I like it? I think it's a combination of how big my hair was and how much I loved that outfit. Hot.

And finally, one of the best days of my life, although I wouldn't realize that for many years. And neither would he. This was the limo that we grabbed on our way out of the casino on our wedding day. I just think it's pretty.


jlcumber said...

:) fun!!!

Thayer & Associates said...

I love the limo/wedding picture!

Sam said...

Aim; This whole post made me cry. I am so happy you are so happy. XOXO