Thursday, April 9, 2009

I overestimated my own strength

There is nothing like the weatherman saying "one more day of sun" to get people around here worked into a frantic lather, trying to squeeze as much into that one day as possible. Which makes sense, because when the rest of your forecast looks like this...
you really really need to get some vitamin D while you can.

Tuesday was that day. It was high 70s with clouds starting to blow in, promising a miserable rest of the week.
I took that adrenaline surge that the graphic of the lone little sun followed by rain clouds gave me and decided to take my two youngest on a bike ride around Lewisville park. It's got a great river and a never ending bike trail and lots of playgrounds. I figured I could hook up the bike that I got off Craigslist last fall to the kid trailer that I got at a garage sale last summer and pull the kids around the park. I also figured that the bribery of the playground stop might keep them from beating on each other while we were riding.
This is a photo of our drive to drop Mo off at kindergarten, courtesy of Mo.
This is a lovely photo of me driving Mo to kindergarten, courtesy of Mo.
Here are my surprisingly heavy children playing at the play ground that I finally reached after almost vomiting from exertion. I didn't realize that they weigh as much as their father. But clearly they do, because I swear I got heat stroke from riding around with them dragging behind me. It was as if there weren't even wheels on that trailer. As if I was just trying to ride with them holding on to the back of my bike dragging. As if they were two full grown adults instead of toddlers.

But they were so happy when we got there. It was still a great day.

I might even try to do it again some day. If the sun ever comes back out.

I didn't realize that the ride there was mostly downhill until we started back and I realized that we were going mostly up hill. I thought that getting off and pushing the bike up the hills would be easier, but, really, it wasn't. Lucky I packed that box of cookies. You know, for my blood sugar levels and all.


Sam said...

My favorite parts:

1) It was if there were no wheels on the trailer. HA~!

2) The bro/sissy love. What a sweet pic.


YAY Sun. We loved having you back for that one day. :(

jlcumber said...

Great Blog. had me smiling the whole time and wishing you had come down to play with us!!!