Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

I really don't want to move all of these pictures to the bottom of this post, so Thursday's pictures are out of order.

Here's classic grandmas face. Avery wasn't ready to leave yet!

Spring Break this year has been less than exciting. We did start off the week with a 4 way birthday party on Saturday for the spring grand kids. I would like to thank Jenny for suggesting that brilliant plan. SO much better than one at a time.

On Monday Reilly and Lauren came over for the day. A few rounds of stair diving and throwing sticky worms on the ceiling and many hours of Wii made for a thrilling day. Not really thrilling, but it was fine.

On Tuesday Uncle Travis (not really uncle, really cousin...Chris' only boy cousin and more like a brother really) brought Grandma out from La Grande to visit us for the week. Trav only stayed for a few hours, but while he was here he managed to teach Morgan some Red Neck Art...tracing bread crumbs. It as a beautiful lesson.

I forgot, on Monday night, well not really night, really all day starting at 11am and finishing at 6pm, Kiki made cinnamon rolls for one of the families from church. I wish I had remembered a picture of the finished product. WOW! So good.
Back to the Red Neck Art...Henry joined in.
Here's all the kiddos (minus MoMo, because, ya know, the art) plus the two boys that I was babysitting that day.
Wednesday we attempted to go letterboxing - which is treasure hunting and you look the clues up online - but we all froze. Kaila and I stuck it out and tracked down the clues, but we couldn't find it anyway.

Here's a good shot of Kiki's concentrating look. Love it, she's had it since she was a baby. It reminds me that she's still my little girl.

Thursday was a big day for us, though. We all went to lunch at Burger king...yeehaw! See pictures at the top. Grandma bought us all lunch AND we let the kids play in the pee pit. What a day!

My greatest moment of the week has been introducing the big girls to Zorro the Gay Blade. I love that movie and I love that they know some of the lines from it now. If it rains tomorrow I'm watching it again.


jlcumber said...

looks like a wonderful spring break to me!!! :) I am happy Grandma Jan came out to play. :)

Sam said...

I don't know why I didn't realize it before, but uncle Travis and Jason coached the boys in football together this fall. What a lovely man, and I remembered Jenny was his wife, she is so sweet too. Duh. I always forget about your LG connection...probably because you have NEVER called me when you are in town. I'm just sayin..