Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Date Night, Batman, and a LONG walk

We survived the weekend without going to Batman. Chris nearly didn't make it, but persevered and took me (briefly) to my family reunion instead. I got to see my favorite people and some complete strangers that I'm told are blood relatives. I'm so glad we made it.

We got a call from his brother on Saturday night, saying that him and his family and my mother in law were on their way here from Boise. I'm glad it was a surprise. That way I couldn't stress about my messy house. I just cleaned what I could (meaning the upstairs didn't get touched) and it is what it is. If I had more warning it would have still been messed up by the time they got here, but I would have had more time to let it bug me.Their visit was short, but fun. You can't beat Dusty and Chris together. It's something every one should see once. Just once. I'm glad we don't live close to each other or I might die, they're alot to take in. A lot of noise, a lot of jokes, a lot of wrestling and crotch shots and calling each other fag.

Now that our company is gone and Kenzie is leaving soon for China we knew we needed to get our date in before it was too late. Getting our date in quickly was a priority, but filling the red wagon with gas should have come first. FYI: 1997 Ford Taurus Wagons are not joking when their gas light comes on. They are serious and they don't have that nice warning cushion letting you wait until you are in the vicinity of a Costco before you get around to filling up. They are really saying that you need to stop and get gas now or you will be walking and explaining to your husband that you thought it was just a warning, not for reals, and you can still go to the later showing of Batman, and it's not raining or even too hot, and we like to go on walks anyway, so isn't this lovely. It was a long way to the gas station. It didn't look like a long way. I could see the stop light in the distance. Distance can be deceptive and when we finally got to that light and figured out that it was actually the NEXT light Chris gave up and asked some people in their yard for some gas. Good thing he can talk to strangers, because I didn't have my friends and family masks with me for them to put on before I talked to them. They had gas and we made it to the 8 o'clock show and it was a great movie. Disaster averted. Date night successful.


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jlcumber said...

Are you kidding me? Seriously? Amy...Only you. :) So funny!!! Good movie huh???

Matthias1016 said...

oh man! That totally sucks about running out of gas... at least you know how many miles you can get before you totally die... BATMAN ROCKS!