Friday, July 18, 2008

Stupid Irish Skin, etc

I'm still bright red and stinging from LAST SATURDAY and now I'm peeling and itching on top of it. I didn't even know that it was possible to have both happening at the same time. I guess my skin is really really angry about that little no sun screen thing.

I still love my red wagon car. It's so awesome. The only thing I don't love is that there's no A/C in the very back, so anyone sitting back there under the big bubble, cancer causing, magnifying glass like, window bakes in the sun and dies within minutes. Other than that one little issue, it rocks.

I learned that you should always wear long pants (and goggles, duh) when using the weed eater. I love the gas powered weed eater it cuts right through our 5 acres of stupid black berries.

Having 10 kids here all day is way easier than 5. If I didn't have to be pregnant again and I could talk Codo into it, I would totally double our brood.

I hate the summer slow down on the blogs. What am supposed to read, people? I'm in need of updates!


Matthias1016 said...

Hey! I've just started a blog! thanks for the idea! I have tons of blogs everywhere, from myspace to facebook, so I am putting them all in a central spot! Check em out if ya get bored!

Lauriann said...

ahem! do you wanna compare how much reading material I've contributed this week to...ha ha..I am so very sorry you are sunburned. That so rots! Get feeling better soon. Before you know it the vacation blog lulls will be over. In the mean time I will be finishing up some of my drafts and posts that I'm behind on.