Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Latest Addition

Look what I did!!! I got some 2x4s and with Kaila's amazing apprenticing skills we built a chicken pen. We spent yesterday hammering and framing and cutting chicken wire. We have now turned our shed into a chicken coop and purchased 10 lovely Rhode Island Reds from our friend. In a few short months they should provide us with lots of glorious eggs.
After finishing the project and standing back to appreciate our impressive handiwork I asked Chris if he as impressed with me as I was.
Does this do anything for you? Are you excited at all when I build something?
What? I love when you do build things, it totally turns me on. Aren't you at least glad that I have some talent in this area and can do this?
Oh, yeah, I am glad that you can build things, but I'm not the least bit turned on by it. At no point do I watch you doing something manly and think that it's hot and get all worked up wanting you to lay my quivering body down by the fire and take me...
I'll stop there, as you can see he's not impressed with my talents.


jlcumber said...

AWESOME!!! Great job! :) I am impressed, not hot, but impressed!!!

Thayer & Associates said...

Did you chicken wire all of it?

Jan said...

I hate to tell you this Chris but that was SO Roger.

Lloyd said...

I wanna make some risque comment, loaded with wit and slightly naughty but short of tacky, however I am speechless........ so I won't!


M & M said...

Amy, That is very impressive. I Need a lean-to built for my motor Home . Could you and Kalia come up and do that for me? I would be willing to pay. Great job------ Love Aunt Linda