Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Email from KiKi!

Whoops, I forgot to post the link to the photos (thanks for the heads up, Matty). It is, just go to the tour photos link on the right top corner. The place looks so incredible. Sounds like it is from her email. Here is a copy for your reading pleasure.

dear family,
sorry it took me so long to communicate! apparently, my calling card doesn't have the option to call the usa or to call from china anyway, so this sucks, but someone might have found out how to use it. the weather in china sucks, humid hot and i can't stop sweating. we had a practice this morning outside and only two people passed out! and it's overcast, and it just rained. still ninety degrees out. the food is really weird but at meals they always have one western dish. our hotel is way magical, i feel like a princess. the pictures don't even describe the ginormity of everything. there is lots of security guards all around the country that we've seen so far(our drive from the airport was 1 1/2 hours) and there's lots of trees and stuff. remarkably it looks alot like our home, except it's really reallly overcast, i hope its sunny at home. the 12 hour flight was the worst thing ive ever had to suffer through, i had to go through 24 hours with no sleep at all. i was way grouchy (so was Sue!!!) the airport is huge, we had to take the monorail to get from one end to the other end. i miss you guys so bad! i got really homesick last night and brandee couldn't believe i was homesick already
i love you all!!
i miss you all!!!
kisses and hugges!
i love you!

I got a little choked up hearing from her. We've been going crazy wondering how it's going. Sounds pretty incredible, I hope she enjoys every minute of it and really soaks it all in.


Matthias1016 said...

Wow! I am not surprized about all the gaurds and stuff, and the overcast! Its horrible pollution over there! I can bearly stand a short flight to Texas... let alone a 12 flight to china! Whoa! Thanks for the link Sister Berg!

jlcumber said...

Dang. I don't get to see her often and I MISS HER! I hope she is having the time of her life too! thank you Aims for posting this stuff!!!!