Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dear Mom

I just spoke to Beck. She was calling to tell us all about meeting Dieter Uchdorff. Braggart.
She did explain that she started the "put it in your private place" dealio. She confirmed that it's a jokey type thing and that you're not just so dense that you didn't know what you were saying. That's a relief. I thought you were for reals not aware of the ick factor, but in reality, you are just using an inside joke on someone on the outside, since me and our others sisters aren't aware of the private parts joke. Now we are all in the loop and we may or may not decide to use this term ourselves. I'm thinking not.



Hey now...don't be hatin' on me about meeting President Uchtdorf just because y'all are jealous. Hee hee hee!