Friday, July 18, 2008

Fine, I'll post something

Today I'm watching KaiKai's other sister. Not "The Other Sister" like the movie where Juliette Lewis played the retarded sister and we started calling Leanna "The OTHER sister" because we're mean B-words and Chris made the movie unbearable by mocking every thing Giovanni Rabissi said. Not like that. Just that she's her sister from her other family. So, the 15year old isn't here (girls camp, I'm jealous) and me and 11yo tried taking the four toddlers to Walmart for school supplies. Beck, you remember Avery in Walmart. Picture four of that. Picture me grabbing the nearest sharp object and jabbing deep into my neck and smiling as I faded away into a forever nap. Not even KaiKai doing her magic Grandma Janet impersonation with the crazy song and dance numbers to entertain small children and some adults worked. Not even that. That's pretty bad. We barely got through the checkout process without doing bodily harm to one of them. We do owe Walmart a few bucks for the school supplies that got partially eaten and put back on the shelf. Do I need to tell the Bishop about that? I blame the children, it wasn't me eating the glue sticks. To make my day better I still hit Sonic for a large Diet DP and a garage sale on my way home, screaming kids and all.

PS thanks for being my faithfulest poster, Lauriann, you rock way more than my sisters.


Lauriann said...


But to be fair...I have no vacation to go on this summer and I'm not pregnant or having a baby.

jlcumber said...

I posted some new/old pictures on my photo blog...does that count?

Thayer & Associates said...

I had a baby and posted at the same time.

Lauriann said...'s time to post again. hee hee

Heidi Rushing said...

Amy, I miss you - where are you? It is a sad day when I out-post you!