Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back On American Soil

We FINALLY heard from the world traveler tonight. Their plane landed in Vancouver BC at 12:30 this afternoon and they didn't get across the border until 5pm. They searched their buses and bags, so it took forever to get into the US of A. Now they are on their long drive home. She's been awake for 28hours straight. We're happy, we want her to sleep tonight and get right back into the Pacific Time Zone schedule before school starts. She said that she has a list of all the foods she can't wait to eat and another list of foods she hopes to never eat again. That list starts with rice. No Big Chiney Hiney for her welcome home dinner. Possibly a marathon of drive thru windows, hitting all of her favorites and wrapping it up with the, always delicious, Taco Bell. I'll be posting more after she gets in.