Friday, August 8, 2008

School Clothes Marathon

KaiKai and I spent 5 hours shopping for school clothes for her this morning. Here's all of the stuff we got. Two of those shirts are for MoJo, two are for Kiki, one is for me, the rest for Miss MiddleSchooler. Everything we got her was hollister, aero, or american eagle. We spent $40. Total. For all of that. Last night she was up late searching Craigslist for those brand names at garage sales. We headed out before 7:30 this morning with our map and had the most successful school shopping trip we've ever had. I think we'll spend as much on all of them this year as we usually spend on one of them. Yeah!


Lars said...

High Five!

jlcumber said...

NICE JOB!!!! :) Call me impressed.