Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Sissy

Here's an old pic of your 4th birthday. Look at that adorable baby next to you!

Reasons I love my big sister Becky!

-For reaching 40 before me

-For not having bigger boobs than me, especially since you didn't get the big butt, so that would have really sucked

-For being a superb example to me throughout our lives without even having to try and for making me envious of your life enough to want to clean up my own

-For taking me to the stake dances

-For using makeup and hair accouterments and showing me how

-For being the one I could turn to in my time of need and for being geographically close enough to help and to have witnessed my situation. You're the only one who really knows what I went through.

-For loving Chris almost as much as I do and for reminding me of why we love him when I would temporarily forget during fights. Fights usually revolving around our attempts at doing projects together and not agreeing on who's the Project Supervisor.

-For driving yourself and your husband and all of those kids 20hours every time I have a baby or a baptism. No more of that! But I'm so grateful that you and Dewey have been so willing and supportive.

-For marrying a wonderful bro in law. He's one of my (our) favorite people and has been the best big brother I could ever have all of the many times that I have needed him.

-For raising great kids who are wonderful cousins and friends to my kids and for raising them in a way that I never have to worry about what they might teach my sweet innocent little angels. We don't need another cousin Jeff and Becky making out in the closet, now do we?

-For planning great sister trips

-For taking 4 of my kids to the beach over night tonight so that I can get my house ready for Friday. Even though I've only worked on this blog post and scanning all of these pictures since you left. You better be happy with my post and not mad at me for getting nothing else done in the next 24 hours!


Here you are feeding me/ruffy the dog

You must have loved me for having that body. I always make you look so good.
In our matchey-matcheys with Grandma. Were you pushing me or just glaring at the back of my head? Time to put your angry eyes away.Our dressy outfits before the little kids were born...Our "dressy" outfits after they were born...
Did we OWN a hairbrush or did we just REALLY embrace the natural look?


Randoola said...

In some of these pics I see a little of Jeannie, Brooklyn and Suri Cruise. What would Tomkat have to say about that?