Thursday, August 7, 2008

I gave myself too much credit

Since Saturday morning I've been so proud of me for not exiting society and entering Twilight world. In my closet. With the door locked. I've been able to just read a little at night and I can still sleep without sneaking off after Chris falls asleep to read. This morning at 7:30 I started reading (somewhere in the page 550 range) and it got to that part of the plot line that owns me and my soul and my family will not hear from me until I'm done. Luckily, that's only 200 more pages. How does Stephanie Meyer do that?!


jlcumber said...

CRAP! I MUST BUY THAT BOOK! I am nearly done with #3 and lucky me Josh is gone this weekend and I might be able to stay up late to read. :)

Gina Lee said...

Ohhhhh I loved that book. Twilight got me hooked on the series and Breaking Dawn sang to my soul. Stephenie Meyer is amazingly talented.