Monday, August 25, 2008

It doesn't take much

This summer's visit from my Big Sister didn't even require the weak excuse that she wanted to drive 20 hours out of her way to buy a car that she could have bought 1 mile away. Nope, this year I handed her an excuse on a silver platter. My phone call went something like this:

Hey, Beck, guess what? We're gonna have a big celebration here, but it's so last minute that I'm sure there's no way you can Knock knock knock, Hold on while I get the door. Holy crap, it's you.

It was really last minute and really fast driving. I torture Leanna for not making it, but that's all in fun, obviously we knew when we threw this together during the last few weeks of August that people would have other plans. We're just mean and like to pretend like we had tons of fun without her. She takes it so well.

It was a great week. If you enjoy 9 spaz cousins and 1 Baby Plankton. I do. Here's a video, judge for yourself. Leanna, just pretend you're the one taking the video. And that's your son dancing topless. See, no fun at all.


jlcumber said...

I SO can't wait until Austin gets married. This video is coming back out!!!


Austin? Married? RIGGGHTT!!!