Monday, August 4, 2008

More from the China Doll

Hello Family,
How is it in sunny Washington? I am half way across the world from you! That's too far!! Today we went to the Great Wall. It was AMAZING!!!! I took a lot of pictures but it was really foggy and smoggy. My camera can't capture the beauty of it anyway. Yesterday we performed at Tianemmen Square. it was 104 degrees, several people passed out. channel 8 got lots of coverage of Brandee, and i stood next to her the entire time! Maybe I was on tv! it should be airing sometime after the 8th of august. at the square there were tanks and guys with machine guns and a reallllllly small crowd. i was afraid we were going to get massacred by them, but the heat nearly did us in instead. this is for kai: i have seen this reallllllly reallllly realllllly hot guy a couple of times, he's australian ,and he looks like a hotttttter version of kevin jonas, with better hair. Brandee and i stalk him(even though she has a boyfriend), it's way fun, you should try stalking australian guys sometime. good times, good times. hey, so ummmm, our phone got shut off so i can't call you guys at all. and it costs either one dollar for as long as you want or 15yuan for 30 minutes to go on the computer. so i may be able to email you more often. i got a gift for Morgan and part of a gift for Stadd. Don't let Morgan grow! I hope she still fits it when i get back. If you go to you can see the blog of pictures for specifically Hockinson. sweet. check it out, there's at least one of me on there.

Love you all!
Miss you all!