Saturday, August 16, 2008

Highlights...of my week, not of my hair. Unfortunately.

-Kiki coming home from her trip. She took over 700 pictures, which we watched as a slide show on the TV and we talked for hours about all of the things she did and saw. We are all glad to have her home and glad that she got to go. She also brought us great gifts

-Superturd styling his hair with nail polish. Then dumping the rest of the bottle on the wood floor. Thanks for all of your suggestions and support. I didn't try nail polish remover. Mostly because I couldn't find any, but also because his hair is so short and I wouldn't want that stuff on his scalp. I showered him, which was anti-helpful. Then I buzzed his hair. The hair clippers didn't like that very much. They kept getting caught in the hardened pink mess. I gave up and cut it all with scissors.

-Kaila discovering that when she's really sweaty she can open the sliding door with her stomach. It warms my heart to know that if she ever loses the use of her arms she'll still be able to open that door.

-During dinner my son standing straight up on his chair and suddenly pulling down the front of his pants, and thrusting his hips forward to make his penis stick out as far as he could, then laughing his butt off. I think his father taught him that trick. All of the females lost their appetite. Chris gave him a high five and told me that he often thinks of doing the same thing. He did add that he does not think about doing that while having dinner with the kids. Just when we're out to dinner together. Because that would be more exceptable.

-Morgan finding a old lady wig at a garage sale and buying it for a quarter. The funny part is her putting it on in the car and telling us not to tell Daddy that it's Morgan. Just to tell him that she's a neighbor girl that came over to play and her name is Sarah. We were forced to carry on the charade for about an hour. At one point she announced that she hadn't met Morgan yet, but she'd heard that she was very nice. Finally, she dramatically removed the wig and showed Daddy that it was just Morgan, not Sarah. She's very tricky.

-My NOT highlight of my week was breaking down and getting my hair cut at Supercuts after realizing that something had to happen. It's not good, but it's better than my black roots and yellow ends. Gross.