Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy Paranoia

Kiki is out on a group date. When Chris got home from work he asked what exactly they are doing...

They're at the park. I told you that. They're playing games.

Alone? They're at the park ALONE?

No. They're at the park TOGETHER. All 6 of them.

But, without any adults? I don't know if I feel comfortable with that. It's a big wooded park. Something could happen.

OR SHE COULD BE ON A DATE ALONE WITH A BOY IN AN EMPTY HOUSE!!! I think maybe you need to weigh your concerns and realize that she's in a pretty good situation.

True, but I know her, she wouldn't BE alone in a house with a boy doing anything. I'm not worried about HER. I'm worried about strangers.

I tell ya. Always with the dang stranger-danger. She's 16. Playing at a park in broad daylight. With 6 friends. She's FINE.

He's cute, isn't he? It's good to know that he cares.


Lars said...

Awww! I guess he doesn't need to pull guns out to scare of the boy then...just when he drives around the park to scare off the strangers...Oh wait, that might draw the attention of the police. Do you think D would vouch for him?

jlcumber said...

The rest of the girls will never be allowed out of the house. :)

Jan said...

#1 is setting pretty high standards. #2 will fix that.
Just kidding Amy. LOL???

Heidi Rushing said...

Oh I feel for Chris - I am the same way. Won't let my kids walk ANYWHERE, I have to drive them everywhere. Then learned at Ed. Week that your kids have a one in a million chance of being abducted and a 1 in 228 chance of being in a car accident! Did that change my habits....not a chance!