Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Chiney Hiny

We decided to go to Big Chiney for Beck and DuWayne's anniversary. We only go there once in awhile, you know, for celebratory reasons...and it's a favorite of everybody's so we felt kinda bad leaving the kids out. We sat them down and said "Listen, you little turds, we have had enough of your crap this week. We deserve a break and, like it or not, we are going to Big Chiney without you!" Not really. Really, we snuck out and told them we'd be back in a few hours. We're chicken. They outnumber is 4 to 10 and the littlest one is really mean.
Bryce challenged Chris to a dual over how many plates of Won Tons he would eat...
This kids ate Totinos instead. I love Totinos.

Dewey took this picture while pointing out the fact that we were right where we always are...on the computer. It's not true. Sometimes we stop to count the kids and if one is missing we yell to the other ones to find the missing one.

The happy couple.

The even happier couple with their food. Funny thing was that we got Khe Sahn as our waitress again (waitress story).

Me breaking the rule that Chris set on our very first date. No salad allowed. It's a waste of buffet stomach space.

Chris sharing his hairy belly with us...again. The funny part was that Khe Sahn never once came over and rubbed any part of any of us. Even after he used his fur to try to lure her in. She wasn't the least bit interested in how cute we are. Very disappointing.

Chris didn't like it when I showed my stomach for the camera. I tried not to let his reaction hurt my feelings too much. He's lucky that he tells me many times a day that I'm makes up for the times he looks at me and cringes.