Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walmart Adventures Part 2...thousand

I had to run into Walmart to grab some mini muffin liners. Having big kids allows me the luxury of leaving them in the car with their Sonic happy hour slushes watching a movie while I make a quick purchase. Sometimes this decision goes terribly wrong. Sometimes when I forget about my children's DNA.

How'd it go out here? Everything Ok?

Yeah, except that Grant and Avery both had to go potty.

Uh, did you run them in to the store?

Nope, I let them go in the parking lot (shoot me), which wasn't so bad until Avery said that she had to poop and we got in an argument about her holding it. I won, so we need to get home fast so she can poop.

Did any other people not related to us witness this?

Yeah, kinda, but I held up a towel to protect them from being seen.(shoot me now)

I really need to remember the Berg Bowels and never ever leave them alone in public.


Lars said... Well it coulda been worse. Glad it wasn't. Hope you made it home quick or at least to the restroom.

This is the part they left out in the new PSA airing here about not leaving your kids in the car.

jlcumber said...

OH MY GOSH!!! This story would have been AWESOME if the big kids didn't win the poop argument! :) LOVE IT!