Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spousal Update

Those of you who know Chris well and have heard the 10 years of Hot Asian Girls talk from him, know that I like to pay him back once in a while with my own racial obsession...he knows he deserves it and he totally laughed....then he muttered something about better be a **** 100%...but he laughed again and loved that it might have made my mom freak a little bit.

We should probably go over to her house and make out really hard core in front of her now, she likes that, it seems to assure her that we are still in love. Which is kinda funny, because to me you could TOTALLY make out with someone and not be in love, but whatever calms her fears of me being divorced again and moving back in with her again and this time I don't have only one child, I would be bringing a whole litter of them with me. Except, I wouldn't be bringing them with me, because the deal is that Chris keeps the kids and I'll happily play the role of fun weekend parent. Wait...I'm not sure if he knows that I have that deal all figured out...well, now he does.

Since we won't be making out in front of her today here is a little story to make her happy:

Last night Chris said that he is the happiest man alive (except that we are no longer farting money, but other than that, the happiest) and I asked him why that was and he said that he couldn't be happier in our marriage and he thinks I'm smokin' hot and a great cook and a great mom and his best friend and that I'm funny AND I think he's funny and he's really really happy.

This WAS before he read the prior post, but, still, I'm pretty sure we're both overwhelmingly happy. Because of all the reasons he said and because I'm grateful for a husband with exceedingly low expectations, who tells me I'm smokin' hot and who lets me have lots and lots of time off to enjoy myself and miss my family and who takes me away for time to enjoy ourselves together and miss our kids.

It's all true and everything is good. And I'm still pretty sure about the other LEAST 90%.


Lars said...

I'm so happy that you two are so 100%, I mean 90.99999999% happy and such. I don't need to see you make-out. I think that is best done in front of your teenagers and any boys they might bring home. ha ha

jlcumber said...

Wow! :) These posts made my day and are funny stuff!!!

M and M said...

YAY!! You both deserve all the happiness this life has to offer. God Bless! XOXO

M and M said...

OOPS. That was Sam, not M and M. I'm on their puter. At their house, with my own mini litter o' kids...invading their time and space. Hmmm...