Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Italian vegetable soup

Here's the recipe. I hope I don't go to jail for some Copyright law something. It's from Betty Crocker's Fix-It-Fast Family Favorites cookbook. Go buy it. It has plenty that I use regularly, but this one happens to require zucchini and it's super fast and everyone except the boy happens to love it and it doesn't leave you hungry like some soups will.

The only drawback is that it calls for sausage and I just finished reading The Jungle. That was a hard one to swallow, but I drew from my need to use up some zucchini and managed to overcome the sausage revulsion.
FYI...I always use the Italian tomatoes or it doesn't have enough flavor for me. AND I add some Italian seasoning too, but that's just me.
Hope you like it!


Sam said...

That looks good, yo.