Monday, August 17, 2009

Quotes of the Day

We were watching the preview for the show Hoarders and I mentioned that HEY, look at THOSE people! They're WAY worse than me. I LOVE shows that make me feel better about my housekeeping! And Beck's mouth falls open and she's all That is the OPPOSITE of what it does to me! It makes me so scared of being LIKE them that I become a BETTER housekeeper.

Darn first child.

And earlier today...
We got the slip-n-slide going again today. Without realizing how full-on hillbilly this would come out sounding Chris shouted to Bryce Watch out, dude! Don't take another step back or you'll step in that KFC bucket behind you!

Even classier...we haven't had KFC in, like, forever.


Sam said...

Ah...this is good material. :)