Monday, June 30, 2008

I Say Pee

You may have noticed that what you see on my blog is what you get. I don't put on pretenses. I don't feel any need to pretend I'm something I'm not. I admit my faults very openly and I feel good about that. I think I understand people who need to have a certain facade and keep an image going of being something they're not. I can see why that would be important to them. It's not important to me. I think it would be exhausting and depressing to keep up that constant need for fake perfection. I try to be careful in the language that I choose and I also avoid posting about s-e-x, that would be beyond my limits of propriety. Some people do choose to cuss or discuss their bedroom activities and that's their choice. I don't, that's my choice, some do and that's their choice. I say pee and that's my choice, too.

In my home we don't say Use the restroom, or go to the bathroom. Nope, I say I need to pee, do you need to pee, did you go pee in your pants. It's not a bad word. They're children, they understand the word pee. I don't say take a piss. I don't say to people outside my immediate family Yo, I gotta pee, man. I would say, I need to use the restroom. We're family, we say pee to each other and we're ok with that. If other people don't choose to use that word then I respect that. I don't think they're uptight or self righteous and I would ask the same respect. I am not immoral. I'm not trash (not for saying pee, anyway), if you think that using the word pee makes me trash then you have your own set of extremely judgmental problems that you should deal with. Maybe therapy would be an option. I hear that therapists don't say pee. I know that I have my priorities straight and I have wonderful children who are brilliant and responsible and funny and talented and loved and they say pee and that's quite ok. And anyone who would judge someone based on the use of the word pee should probably take a look at their own problems before they waste time judging me for something so petty and unimportant.

I'm not even joking, this post has totally made me need to pee and I'm not even going to try to hold it like I usually do, I'm just going to get up and go like a big girl.


Rhoda said...

Man, I gotta pee now!!! Funny stuff....

Lauriann said...

Ok...I can only imagine who or what made you want to post about this. At our house it's "potty" ever since we "trained" our twins and now the adults use it for themselves. uh huh! silly.