Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Sissy

Hahahahahaha! I'm so happy to have a reason to use this picture!

I thought you were so beautiful. Look at that little bundle!

Weird, it looks like Richard with hair and no beard holding baby Jackson.

Is this the year I volunteered in your class? Those eyes look so much like Vee's. I'm thinking you liked your hair cut. I dreamt last night that I got my hair cut in the boy cut again and Chris left me for someone at his work. I woke up scream crying. How cute is Dick? So cute!

Very Attractive. I really just threw this one in for Jenny.

WooHoo! That's some perfect 90s hair. Our finest moments.
Unless you count your 21st birthday at the Rockin' Rodeo. I'm not sure what dance you were doing but it was a good one.

Now to the less distant past...

Mt Hood at New Years

My one and only trip to the San Juans.

And our many beach trips.

Some cool things about you:
Your name rhymes with fun things like: Louisiana, Texarcana, Old Susanna, and Banana.

You sometimes surprise us and know exactly what you're talking about. Just often enough to keep us guessing. For example: I recently learned that they DO train young girls to do nails in the rice patties of Vietnam.

You are extremely easy to get along with and always up for anything. I have enjoyed our last 5 years of play dates and will miss them now that we have Kindergartners.
You have been great inviting us on your vacations. We always have the best time and you and Jeff are our favorite people to travel with. Not only do we enjoy your senses of humor and laid back attitudes, there is also a good chance that we may have dueling marital discord. We like that and I know you do too. It solidifies our knowledge that WE have the strongest marriage.

You picked the best husband for you. Whether he knows it or not, I really love Jeff and wouldn't want you to be with anyone else. Even if they were Republican. I think.
You have given me 3 of my favorite kids in the world. Even though I get exasperated with your son, I still love him. He's a great cousin.
You have come through for me and provided cousins for each of my younger kids. We all appreciate the playmates.
You were AWESOME to be single with after my divorce. Good Times. Okay, I need to move on, I'm getting restless just thinking about it.
You moved in with me in SLC and helped me while I was going through my divorce.
You watched my kid for me when I went back to work after my divorce.
You were always SO friendly to my boyfriends.
That one was supposed be funny. Really. You are one of my best friends and I'm glad that you are my sister. I have mucho fun with you and I'm glad you're so willing to drive to my house to hang out. I'm so excited for our SLUMBER PARTY tomorrow night and for our trip to Vegas. WHOOO! Vegas, baby, Vegas. I'm not sure that it's the same when you're going there for a church conference, but I'M NOT TAKING ANY KIDS!


Thayer & Associates said...

I did cry at this one. It was just so funny. I loved it thanks