Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My key board is still broken, so my Post Title looked like this until I fixed it: ATN WALGRENS SHOPERS I. I really should take care of that. Maybe I will, now that Becky's gone and I'm not taking joy in it getting on her nerves. It brought back memories of singing opera style at the top of my lungs while she tried to talk on the phone. Why do the second children take such pleasure in irritating the first borns? My only answer is that I don't know why, I only know the great joy that it brings to my soul.

Back to Walgreen's, I missed the coupon for buy one Pantene shampoo and one Pantene conditioner and get a Pantene styling product TOTALLY FREE! I'm glad I hadn't done my purchases yet, now I can get Kiki that hairspray she's been needing! So, again, go get last Sunday's paper, it's worth it!



I hate you more every time I read this. Last night I reentacted your opera singing for D. "But I have to practice" she would say. Practice for what? The opera. You're not in the opera. How will I ever get into the opera if I don't practice? ARGGGGGGG!!!!