Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vegas makes me poop

I'm in Viva Las Vegas now. The most exciting thing we did today was try to find each other at the airport. I forgot my cell phone back at home. Second most exciting was getting some great deals at Walgreens. I ALMOST had a Walmart "experience" again. It's something about Vegas, I swear. The sun must relax my bowels or something. Or it's Beck. Maybe I just find her very soothy and my guts get all warm and mushy inside and before you know it I'm prairie dogging. Or it's the huge Coke and bag of M&Ms that I consumed on the plane instead of breakfast. I guess I'll never know.

My favorite thing of all was that as we pulled up to Austin's school to pick up the car pool kids, Beck stopped next to another car and rolled down her window. The lady inside yelled When your sister's husband cheats on her it won't be with me. I was completley lost. Then Beck referred to yesterday's post about When Men Cheat and clued me in that the lady was Fae and Fae reads my blog and thinks I'm crazy, too and was either mocking me or agreeing with me. So, that was pretty cool to meet someone who reads my blog that I don't even know. Hi Fae!


Sam said...

That is so cool. To meet a blogstalker in person. Way coo. Have fun, but don't have a shitting great time. Just a great time sans the poo. :) I seriously want an invite on the next girl trip. Serious. I am way fun to travel with. I can bring the m&ms...I know you are at an LDS function, tho. Don't worry. I crashed a Catholic Women's Convocation in Seattle once. One of the best experiences for me EVER! So, just keep me in mind, sistacous. (Sista and cousin...just came up with that gem.) I think I need sleep. XOXO