Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, yeah, them too.

I do have other children that started school last week. One that even moved up to MIDDLE SCHOOL. Middle School, that dreaded time of personal discovery. The time when many children decide which path they will take. The path I took or the good one, sorry again, parents.
Here is the big middle school kid on her first day.
What is wrong with my camera? Something has been really messed up with it lately. Is a nice digital camera something I can pick up at the local garage sale?
This next one is better, but I had to turn my flash on to make it look normal. I've messed with my white balance and nothing helps.
Should I be concerned about the 15 year old? This was her pose for me to show off her first day outfit. Weirdo.
The second attempt may have been worse than the first...
Finally a normal pose.
Isn't there a quote in Pride & Prejudice (or somewhere old like that) about 15 being the age of something? It's when they set their feet solidly on the path that they will take or something like that. Possibly nothing like that at all, but that's what's in my head. Maybe it wasn't even 15. Maybe it was 14. Anyway. Her feet are solidly on the path of a bright (and weird) future. She told me today that my assignment from her church teacher was that I should compliment her at least once every day. Check.
Oh, and by the way, Kiki, weird IS a compliment. You fit right in with your aunts and me.


Sam said...

Ask Rhonda about our adventures in photography. That makes Kikis portrait look plain normal. Funny kid. I think she and I would groove well. If this whole teenager thang gets too tough, send 'er over. We'll hang and talk hair/makeup/entertainment news. :)

jlcumber said...

Looking good girls and lucky luck you KiKi. :)

Lloyd said...

Looks like your lens is dirty go buy: LensPen. Also the reason for the blue tinge is being in the shadow. Popping up the flash added light and put the WB on a different setting most likely.

Do keep in mind that Point and Shoot Digital Cameras are considered disposable goods with a 2-3 year life span. I tend to push that but our Canon is getting widgy. Glad I have the Pentax DSLR, just wish I could afford a autofocus lens. sigh...


Matthias1016 said...

haha! Those pictures of Mackenzie are priceless! haha! She is awesome!