Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why No Vegas Posts?

I forgot my camera, didn't I already tell you that? Here's a picture that I stole off Beck's post. It's a shot that Leanna snuck of us sleeping during one of the speakers. I did have a great (working) time. It wasn't the relaxing, hotel room, buffet, diarrhea, trip that we had last year for Time Out for Women. It was, however, a great opportunity. We were able to be alone with some amazing women: Shari Dew, Virginia Hinkley Pearce, Wendy Watson-Nelson, and Laurel Christensen. We were given the job of being inside the meeting room before the doors opened to anyone else. It was a little strange to talk to famous women about BYU football and witness them teasing each other and joking about their grandkids. I'm so glad we went. While it wasn't at all relaxing and we were up at 5 every morning, it was still worth the plane ticket. And the other, correct, plane ticket.


Sam said...

Yeah, what up with that, Aims? You just expect us to WAIT during your vacation/trips? No. Next time we want a laptop present with you at all times so we can have up to the minute updates on the life and times of ALB. :)


Sam said...

Oh, and BTW. Do you like my new background? :( I expected big tribute posts about my impeccable taste in colors, the jealous comments about having too much time on my hands, etc. Instead, nada. Conned Rhonda and your Mom into commenting, but otherwise Nuthin. :)

XO Glad you are home.

Lars said...

Sounds great! I seriously thought this photo was posed.

Wanna come out and work Education Week with me some year?